Joseph Jorinn International School is a privately managed Nursery, Primary and Secondary school of international standard for children between the ages of two and eighteen years. A creche for children between the ages of 6 months and twenty-three months is equally available. She is a state of the art piece of international standard with a serene environment, air conditioned classes, well equipped labouratories, sick bay, standby power generator as well as efficient school bus services



Sound Academic Foundation


Pursuit of Academic Excellence


Self Respect and Respect for each other


Self confidence to value self and others


The School follows the mix of British and Nigerian curriculum strongly hinged on Montessori Method of teaching which encourages adequate planning to accommodate continuity and progression of individual capacities and learning needs.

Specialists’ teachers are also employed to cover special areas such as Creative Arts, French, ICT, Music and Religious Knowledge.

The curriculum is diligently translated into inspiring and interesting experience by our highly skilled and experienced teams of teaching and non-teaching staff which makes learning inspiring, stimulating, challenging and awesome lifetime experiences that will equip our pupils and students for future challenges.

Our school not only caters for academic excellence, we make sure that among other things useful and needed by all our pupils and students, we ensure the following values; which are the bedrock of their overall success.

-To learn in a very conducive and friendly environment where individual abilities are identified and promoted.

-To be actively involved in learning processes with utmost interest.

-Provision of adequate time and space to produce works of quality  and depth.

-Provision of adequate play/learning environment and tools that  enable interaction with others which promote mental and social  development.

-Availability of experienced members of staff who are able to support,  build/complement their learning achievements.

-Celebration and respect of diversity of cultures and religion.

-Imbibing the principle of positive value and respect for one another.