At Joseph-Jorin International Schools, we have exciting programs to showcase on our Extra-Curricular Activities Weeks. These include:


-Fruit Week

-Colour Week

-Cultural Heritage Week

-Educational Excursion and trips

-End of Session/year party

– Exciting Sports Academy(Basketball, Volleyball & Football)


The classrooms are quite spacious, air conditioned to provide serene environment where learning can comfortably take place.

-The classroom materials are such that bring learning to life.

-There are up-to-date resources to give young learners a great and eventful  start, these help to make schooling attractive and learning very easy.

-The number of pupils per class shall remain and not exceed Twenty to enhance  teacher/pupil ratio this will help to ensure the quality of teaching and learning  process envisaged.


Enrollment in the schools is granted without discrimination either on the basis of sex, race, colour, creed or political belief.

-A child into the Reception Class (the first level in the Nursery), must be Two (2) years old when enrolled and at least Nine (9) to be enrolled into JSS 1

-Enrollment shall be granted into the following classes only: Playgroup, Reception, Nursery 1 & 2, Grade 1 – 6, JSS 1-3 and SS1 -2.

-Enrollment shall be granted only at school’s resumption and not when the school is already in session.

-There shall be no admission in the 3rd  term

– Placement test shall be conducted at a fixed date upon the purchase, completion and submission of the admission form together with copies of Passport Photograph, Birth certificate, Medical Report from a government hospital, Last Academic Report (where applicable), transfer certificate(where necessary). Purchase of admission form is not a guarantee for admission.


-The Premises shall be opened to the pupils and students from 7:00am – 4:00pm.

-All children are required to be in school latest by 7:30am. The gates shall be shut to late comers by 8:00am. This is to ensure that all pupils and students attend the Assembly which is an integral part of learning.

-The Nursery classes close at 1:00pm, the Primary by 2:00pm and College by 3:00pm. After school lesson which is optional takes only one hour in all the class categories.

-Any pupil/student that does not return to school two weeks after the school resumes for a new session without prior arrangement with the school, shall have his/her place forfeited.

-Textbooks and exercise books are supplied by the school to all pupils/students. They are free to take their Textbooks home on request by the parents while exercise books are retained in the school.

-Home works are given daily and are compulsory for all pupils and students.


-A certificate of good health, signed by a Physician is required at the time each child is admitted to the school.

-The school has a sick-bay manned by a competent member of staff.

-Each child is examined every morning upon entering the school, if good health is in doubt, the sick bay may give first aid if it is minor after approval from the parent/ guardian. Should a child take ill during the day, he/she shall be transferred to the sick bay immediately and the parent/guardian contacted.



-All pupils and students are required to be neatly dressed to school every day.

-The school uniforms go with black shoes and school’s customized socks. It is an offence to put on any other socks, sportswear or any other form of clothings except on birthdays.

-On sport day, the pupils and students should appear in their sportswear with canvas and white socks.

-Attachments and other hair extensions as well as hair accessories like beads and rings are not allowed on girls’ hair.


All pupils and students are expected to be of good behavior, self discipline and should be able to demonstrate such in the following ways:

-Keeping of the schools’ rules and regulation.

-Self respect and respect for one another in terms of gender, culture and religious disparity.

-Display of right attitude, appropriate use of language, show of empathy and consideration to others in challenging situations.

-Spirit of truthfulness, tolerance, teamwork and peaceful co-existence.


The clubs have their meetings once weekly. Parents are to guide their wards as to the club they are interested in.  Pupils/students can only participate in only one club as the clubs meet simultaneously. Our exciting clubs and societies include the following:

-Literary and Debating

-Press Club

-The Scouts

-The Home-Makers Club

-Music Club

-The Young Farmers Club

-The JETS Club


Open days are held once in a term on the day proceeding the Mid-Term break. All parents are required to be in school on this day to examine the works and progress of their children. This also provides an opportunity for parents to meet and discuss with the teachers on the challenges their children face in their studies and also agree on the way forward.